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                  Welcome to the Enmore

                  ENMORE COMEDY CLUB

                  Supported by Killer local comics

                  EVERY TUE NIGHT FROM
                  8 JAN @ 8PM

                  World class comedy is coming to the Inner West every Tuesday night at the Enmore Comedy Club.

                  Throw back a drink and laugh yourself silly with a rotating line up of some of the greatest comedians f Read more


                  Supported by Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf

                  SAT 20 APR @ 7:30PM

                  6:45pm: Doors // 7:30pm: Miss Velvet & The Blue Wolf // 8:15pm: Parliament Funkadelic featuring George Clinton


                  George Clinton & Parliament Funkad Read more

                  SNARKY PUPPY

                  Supported by The Goods

                  SUN 21 APR @ 8PM

                  7:15pm: Doors // 8:00pm: The Goods // 8:45pm: Snarky Puppy

                  The New York based quasi-collective has gone from the best kept secret to one of the most respected names in instrumental music. Read more


                  TUE 23 APR @ 7:30PM

                  SOLD OUT

                  Sydney’s biggest month of comedy kicks off in grand style with the Sydney Comedy Festival Gala at the Enmore The Read more


                  Supported by Georgia

                  WED 24 APR @ 8PM

                  7:15pm: Doors // 8:00pm: Georgia // 8:45pm: Jungle

                  English funk collective Jungle are bringing ‘the heat’ back to Australia, serving up a night of soulful bliss in Sydney this Ap Read more


                  THU 25 APR @ 8PM

                  Musician, songwriter, TV actor, director and producer, activist, radio host, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, one of the founding members of Bruce Springsteen’s iconic E Street Band: Steven Van Read more

                  JOHN HASTINGS - Float Like A Butterfly, JohN Hastings Like A Bee

                  FRI 26 APR @ 7PM

                  Last year, John Hastings was hit by a car and broke his arm.

                  He then became homeless (his choice) with a long distan Read more

                  NAOMI MOURRA - An Open Book

                  26 - 28 APR

                  Naomi Mourra grew up as a door-knocking Jehovah’s Witness and closeted lesbian to Lebanese parents in 1980s Ca Read more

                  JAMES ROQUE - Boy Mestizo

                  26 - 28 APR

                  James Roque – Boy Mestizo

                  Kiwi-Filipino comic James Roque always thought his hang ups about being brown were born w Read more

                  BEN KOCHAN - Nice Boy Seeks Kind Audience

                  26 - 28 APR

                  This show is a silly hour of comedy that’s as fun as eating goulash in a planetarium! Read more

                  FERN BRADY

                  26 - 28 APRIL

                  Scottish stand up Fern Brady is making her Sydney debut! Read more

                  RACHAEL MILLANTA - Lower Your Expectations

                  26 - 28 APR

                  Rachael Millanta is an actor, improvisor, comedian and writer, who has a problem with over-enthusiasm that she r Read more

                  NEEL KOLHATKAR - Live

                  FRI 26 APR @ 9:15PM

                  Stand-up comedy and social media phenom Neel Kolhatkar has been doing the rounds of comedy clubs and theatres ac Read more

                  ELI MATTHEWSON - Myth and legend

                  26 - 28 APR

                  Eli has a Classic Degree, and he’s never once used it professionally. Read more

                  JINX YEO - Absurdly Asian

                  26 - 28 APR

                  As seen on Comedy Central and ABC TV. Read more

                  PHIL WANG - Philly Philly Wang Wang

                  26 - 28 APR

                  Phil ‘Philly Philly Wang Wang’ Wang is back with a new hour of absolute gold for his Sydney solo debut. Read more

                  DANIEL SLOSS: X

                  SAT 27 APR @ 4.30PM & 7PM (SOLD OUT)

                  SOLD OUT

                  Join Waitlist Read more

                  JIMMY MCGHIE - Need(y)

                  27 & 28 APR

                  With seven critically acclaimed Edinburgh solo shows behind him, the poster boy for white male privilege is back full of Read more

                  DAVID O'DOHERTY - Ultrasound

                  SUN 28 APR @ 7PM

                  The hairy Enya is delighted to return to Sydney with a brand-new show made up of talking and songs played on the plasti Read more

                  BRETT ELDREDGE & JON PARDI

                  Supported by Brad Cox

                  MON 29 APR @ 7:30PM

                  Brett Eldredge and Jon Pardi, two of the hottest stars in American country music, will play their first ever Australian shows in 2019. Read more


                  TUE 30 APR @ 8PM

                  Norwegian dream Aurora will be heading out for theatre sized shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Fremantle and, much like the enchanting light display with which she shares her name, this Read more

                  FRAN MIDDLETON - Fran Solo

                  2 - 3 MAY @ 7PM

                  Nominee Golden Gibbo 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Read more

                  MAKEDONKA STOILOVA - Nosey

                  2 - 3 MAY @ 7PM

                  Coming out of a sold out season in the 2018 Sydney Comedy Festival with her show ‘Adulting’, Makedonka has grown Read more

                  BART FREEBAIRN - Believe In Yourself

                  2 - 5 MAY @ 7PM

                  Believe In Yourself is a brand new hour of comedy packed full of laughs. Read more

                  ARJ BARKER - WE NEED TO TALK

                  2 & 3 MAY

                  Hey, you got a hour? Look, I’ve been doing a shit-ton of thinking about…us, and where we’re headed. Read more

                  LAUREN BONNER Heartbreaker

                  2 - 3 MAY @ 8:15PM

                  Lauren Bonner has never been dumped, which means she is a certified Heartbreaker. Read more

                  SUREN JAYEMANNE - I'm Here, All Weak

                  2 - 5 MAY

                  I’m here, all weak. Try the veal! Read more

                  DAN RATH - Bubble Bath

                  2 - 3 MAY @ 9:30PM

                  This is a comedy show by Dan Rath. Read more

                  BEC CHARLWOOD & SIAN SMYTH - Bad Girls

                  2 - 3 MAY @ 9:30PM

                  Bec Charlwood and Sian Smyth are two rising stars of the Sydney Comedy scene and for two nights only they Read more

                  CIARAN LYONS - What's Next?

                  2 - 3 MAY @ 9:30PM

                  An awkward experience at a massage parlour in Thailand, a housemate with all the traits of a serial killer and obtainin Read more

                  AKMAL - Open For Renovations

                  FRI 3 MAY @ 7:15PM

                  Have you always wanted a perfect body, with rock hard abs and buns of steel without ever getting out of bed?

                  Imagine Read more

                  REBECCA DE UNAMUNO - Impro-A-Go-Go

                  4 MAY @ 7PM & 5 MAY @ 6PM

                  Jump into the cage and join Rebecca De Unamuno (ABC Radio Sydney, World Improv Champion – Just For Laughs) for a Read more

                  ANDREW BARNETT - Barney

                  4 & 5 MAY

                  Since his first gig back in 2009, Andrew Barnett has gone from stay at home Dad, to stand up comedian, to Fox Sports fu Read more

                  CHARISA BOSSINAKIS - None Taken

                  4 & 5 MAY

                  As a Gen Z, Charisa Bossinakis is in the age bracket where she is slightly more hopeful than a millennial, but t Read more

                  STEPHEN K AMOS - THE STORY SO FAR

                  SAT 4 MAY @ 7:15PM

                  Comedy superstar Stephen K Amos returns to Australia with a show looking back on his last 10 years. Read more

                  JOEL CREASEY - DRINK. SLAY. REPEAT.

                  4 & 5 MAY

                  Drink. Slay. Repeat.

                  Looks like Joel Creasey has had quite the year. Read more

                  DANE SIMPSON - Origins

                  4 - 5 MAY

                  Dane Simpson‘s first solo show “Origins” explores how a bloke that lives in Wagga Wagga has gone on to be one of Read more

                  EVE ELLENBOGEN - Too Much

                  4 & 5 MAY

                  New York Jewess Eve Ellenbogen is over-the-top: “too loud”, “too emotional”, “TOO MUCH”…for a woman. Read more

                  BILLY D'ARCY - Background Lad

                  4 & 5 MAY

                  One of Australian comedy’s most exciting rising star’s, Billy D’Arcy brings his debut hour of stand-up to the Sy Read more

                  THEATRESPORTS ALL-STARS - 80s vs 90s vs 00s

                  SUN 5 MAY @ 5:30PM

                  THEATRESPORTS ALL-STARS 80s vs 90s vs 00s

                  It’s the 80s vs 90s vs 00s! Read more

                  DEAN LEWIS

                  6 & 7 MAY @ 7:30PM

                  Due to overwhelming demand Dean Lewis has added a second Sydney show! Read more

                  THE NAUGHTY CORNER - Comedy For Parents Who Just Need A Break

                  THU 9 MAY @ 11AM

                  Got a baby? Pretty full on hey? Read more

                  LIZZY HOO - Hoo Am I? (What's My Name?)

                  9 -11 MAY @ 7PM

                  Made from local and imported ingredients, Lizzy Hoo’s debut show delves into life growing up in suburban Brisb Read more

                  SIMON TAYLOR - Right Now

                  9 - 11 MAY @ 7PM

                  The Advertiser put it best: “Simon Taylor is not just a comedian – he is a singer, dancer, actor and magician Read more

                  ROSS NOBLE - HUMOURNOID

                  9 & 10 MAY @ 7:30PM

                  What happens when pure comedy takes human form? Read more

                  CRAIG QUARTERMAINE - Novelty Act

                  9 - 11 MAY @ 8:15PM

                  Mocking identity and labels is easy when a family secret can change everything you think you are… Read more


                  9 - 11 MAY @ 8.15PM

                  Unorthodox health education from Nurse Georgie, a mental Olympian that is physically phucked. Read more

                  BLAKE FREEMAN - There's Something There

                  9 - 11 MAY @ 8:15PM

                  Blake Freeman is a boy, a good boy, the best boy. Well, he tries. Read more

                  JACK GOW - Compromise

                  9 - 11 MAY

                  “One of the finest emerging comedians in the country” – Sydney Comedy Festival Read more

                  ALEX WARD - No Flirting

                  9 - 11 MAY @ 9:30PM

                  No flirting during Alex’s show! Read more

                  ROSE CALLAGHAN - 12 Rules For Life

                  9 - 11 MAY @ 9:30PM

                  Rose Callaghan developed an obsessive hatred of a controversial internet psychologist so strong that now she’s Read more

                  JACQUES BARRETT - Boom-Jacqua-Laka!

                  9 - 11 MAY @ 9:30PM

                  Jacques Barrett in Boom-Jacqua-Laka! Read more

                  JIMEOIN - RESULT!

                  SAT 11 MAY @ 7:15PM

                  ‘Hilarious… It gets no better than this… Brilliant!’ – Time Out

                  ‘World class stand-up from one of live comedy Read more

                  RHYS NICHOLSON - Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations

                  SAT 11 MAY @ 9:15PM

                  Hello there. It’s me, Rhys, from comedy. Would you like to come to my comedy concert? Why not, you know? Read more

                  KACEY MUSGRAVES

                  SUN 12 MAY @ 8PM

                  Multiple Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves embarks on her first ever Australian headline tour in May.

                  Recently awarded Album of the Year for her third studio album, Gol Read more

                  NICK MURPHY FKA Chet Faker

                  TUE 14 MAY @ 8PM

                  Frontier Touring is thrilled to announce the return of one of Australia’s most impressive songwriters and performers: Nick Murphy. Read more

                  COSMO'S MIDNIGHT

                  Supported by Banoffee & Arno Faraji

                  WED 15 MAY @ 7:45PM

                  Having recently wrapped their first shows of 2019 with St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Sydney’s much loved twin duo Cosmo’s Midnight return to our airwaves today, delivering the first taste of new Read more

                  STEPH TISDELL - Identity Steft

                  16 - 19 MAY

                  In her exciting Sydney Comedy Festival debut, Aboriginal comedian Steph Tisdell delves into issues of identity, what ‘sorry day’ really means from an Aboriginal perspective and discusses th Read more

                  OLIVER TWIST - I Am Hutu

                  16 - 17 MAY @ 7PM

                  A twisted life, from the refugee camp to the stage.

                  Reflecting on how he ended up in Australia, after four years Read more

                  ALICE FRASER - Mythos

                  16 - 19 MAY

                  Alice Fraser (The Bugle, Trollplay, Tea with Alice) could do a lot of stuff, if she could decide what to do. Read more

                  FROCKING HILARIOUS

                  THU 16 MAY @ 7:30PM

                  ActionAid Australia presents Frocking Hilarious: a night of laughter for women‘s rights. Read more

                  MITCH GARLING - Cat Daddy

                  16 - 19 MAY @ 8:15PM

                  One fateful night in late 2017. Read more

                  ANTHONY LOCASCIO - Unaccounted

                  16 - 18 MAY @ 8.15PM

                  April 2018; Anthony Locascio quits his 9-5 accounting job to pursue a career in stand-up comedy, seemingly out o Read more

                  NIKKI OSBORNE - Bad Barbie

                  16 - 19 MAY @ 8.15PM

                  After her controversial show “On The Spectrum”, Nikki Osborne now presents “Bad Barbie”. Read more

                  LAUREN PATTISON (UK) - Peachy

                  16 - 19 MAY

                  Following a whirlwind year of awards, nominations and sold-out shows, Edinburgh Fringe Festival Best Newcomer nominee 2 Read more

                  GERARD MCGOWAN - Only Getting Funnier

                  16 - 17 MAY @ 9:30PM

                  Gerard McGowan brings his hour of stand up comedy to the The Sydney Comedy Festival , fresh from his nominati Read more

                  BEN DARSOW - Benny Darsow Ad Lib

                  16 & 17 MAY @ 9:30PM

                  Jump onto the booking link and lock in a surefire evening of laugh-out-loud standup that will have you giggling like a Read more

                  DAVE HUGHES - Hairy

                  FRI 17 MAY @ 7PM

                  Dave hasn’t had a haircut since last year’s Festival. His own fringe is now a face curtain. Read more

                  TOMMY LITTLE - Self-Diagnosed Genius

                  FRI 17 MAY @ 9PM

                  Idiot or genius? Read more

                  CHRIS RYAN - Bogus

                  18 - 19 MAY

                  “Chris was in total control from the moment she hit the stage.A comedian with a unique outlook and broad appeal.” – Jus Read more

                  NAZEEM HUSSAIN - Basic Idiot

                  SAT 18 MAY @ 7:15PM

                  It’s been a massive year for Nazeem. Read more

                  FIONA O'LOUGHLIN - Addresses The Nation

                  SAT 18 MAY @ 9.15PM

                  Fiona has always had the gun to her own head in her searingly honest brand of comedy, but watch out people of Au Read more

                  GUY WILLIAMS - Full Head of Steam

                  18 - 19 MAY

                  Guy Williams is back! Read more

                  THEO VON

                  WED 22 MAY @ 7PM

                  Theo Von—creator of the Netflix Original comedy special No Offense and popular podcasts This Past Weekend & The King and The Sting—is bringing his live comedy show to Australia for the very Read more

                  CROOKED COLOURS

                  FRI 24 MAY @ 7:45PM

                  After wowing audiences with two new tracks from the highly anticipated sophomore album Langata at the tail-end of 2018, Crooked Colours have announced that they will be bringing their un Read more


                  SAT 25 MAY @ 8PM

                  The Cast of the Sopranos in Conversation

                  Described by Vanity Fair as the “Greatest show in Television History” and by New York Newsday as“One of the richest storyl Read more


                  Supported by The Mission In Motion

                  SUN 26 MAY @ 8:15PM

                  Australia holds a special place in the hearts of ANBERLIN and fans similarly embrace the band with open arms. Read more

                  MAGGIE ROGERS

                  MON 27 MAY @ 7:30PM

                  Acclaimed US producer-songwriter-performer Maggie Rogers returns to Australia & New Zealand in May 2019, following on from a huge Splendour in the Grass 2017 debut and accompanying sides Read more


                  Supported by Moby Rich

                  TUE 28 MAY @ 8PM

                  Born into an exceptionally musical family, frontwoman Georgia and brother Caleb had their breakthrough as Broods with the 2014 single ‘Bridges’ – a dark slice of electronic pop, re Read more

                  WINSTON SURFSHIRT

                  Supported by Milan Ring

                  FRI 31 MAY @ 7:45PM

                  Sydney’s favourite six-piece collective Winston Surfshirt, today announce their biggest national live tour to date – visiting Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane f Read more

                  CONRAD SEWELL

                  Supported by Grace

                  SAT 1 JUN @ 8PM

                  We are delighted to announce that ARIA Award-winning vocal sensation Conrad Sewell will hit the road this May and June on his biggest Australian headline tour to date. Read more

                  THE BRIAN MCKNIGHT 4

                  SUN 2 JUN @ 8:30PM

                  As an artist who needs no introduction, Brian McKnight has gained international and domestic recognition, earning himself a spot in contemporary music history and he is heading to Australia thanks to Read more

                  JACK RIVER

                  Supported by Eves Karydas + San Mei

                  FRI 7 JUN @ 8PM

                  Off the back of an enormous year for the young artist including the release of her debut album Sugar Mountain? to widespread critical acclaim, countless sold out shows and three ARIA nominati Read more

                  DEMETRI MARTIN

                  SAT 8 JUN @ 8PM

                  Fresh off the back of a massive 30-date world tour, US comedy legend Demetri Martin returns to Australia and NZ for the first time since 2011 with his world-acclaimed Wandering Mind Tour Read more

                  APIA GOOD TIMES TOUR

                  FRI 14 JUN @ 7:30PM

                  Allstars Vika and Linda Bull, Brian Cadd, Joe Camilleri, Kate Ceberano, Russell Morris, Ross Wilson and John Paul Young.

                  The highly acclaimed Apia Good Times Tour returns for its 7th Read more

                  THE SQUEEZE

                  SAT 15 JUN @ 5:30PM

                  Featuring Lime Cordiale, Tyne James Organ, The Lulu Raes, Heaps Good Friends, and Asha Jefferies

                  LIME CORDIALE are heading out on the road again for their biggest event of the year, the seco Read more

                  BERT KREISCHER

                  THU 20 JUN @ 7PM & 9:30PM

                  BERT KREISCHER is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer and host who performs to sell-out crowds across the world. Read more

                  BILLY OCEAN

                  FRI 21 JUN @ 8PM

                  Presented by Lennard Promotions and Mellen Events. Read more

                  METHYL ETHEL

                  SAT 22 JUN @ 7:45PM

                  Pscyhe-pop band Methyl Ethel have just announced a huge national tour in support of their new record Triage. Read more

                  THE LAST PODCAST ON THE LEFT

                  THU 27 JUN @ 8PM

                  Last Podcast on the Left barrels headlong into all things horror — as hosts Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski cover dark subjects spanning Jeffrey Dahmer, werewolves, Jonestown, iconic ha Read more

                  CHAT 10 LOOKS 3

                  FRI 28 JUN @ 8PM

                  SOLD OUT

                  Join Waitlist Read more


                  SAT 29 JUN @ 6PM + 8:45PM

                  Due to overwhelming demand, a second show has been announced at 6pm. Read more


                  FRI 5 JULY @ 7PM


                  Due to being cast in a new US TV sitcom pilot, Ronny Chieng’s upcoming Australia and New Zealand stand up comedy tour has been postponed to July. Read more


                  Supported by Totty, Mini Skirt & Aaron Gocs

                  6 & 7 JUL @ 7:45PM


                  After a triumphant showing in this year’s triple j Hottest 100 and a stint touring the country nationally this summer with Laneway Festival, Skegss ar Read more

                  JAMES REYNE

                  FRI 12 JUL @ 8PM

                  James Reyne delivers Summer all year round.

                  Fans of the acclaimed singer songwriter will be treated to an array of hits, as he delivers material from the sun and surf tinged catalogue of Aus Read more

                  LANY WORLD TOUR 2019

                  SUN 14 JUL @ 8PM (SOLD OUT)// MON 15 JUL @ 8PM


                  Celebrating the recent release of their sensational sophomore album Malibu Nights, alt-pop masters LANY wind their Read more

                  PUNCH BROTHERS

                  WED 17 JUL @ 8:30PM

                  With a new album under one arm, 2018 ‘All Ashore’ and a Grammy Award under the other Punch Brothers – mandolinist Chris Thile, guitarist Chris Eldridge, bassist Paul Kowert, banjoist Noam Pikelny, and Read more


                  THU 18 JUL @ 8PM

                  Handsome Tours and Astral People are thrilled to announce that Dave will be returning to Australia this July.

                  Read more

                  THE STREETS

                  FRI 19 JUL @ 8:30PM

                  After retiring THE STREETS in 2011 following 6 classic studio albums and countless unforgettable singles (see: ‘Dry Your Eyes’, ‘Fit but You Know It’, ‘Don’t Mug Yourself’…</ Read more

                  THE LUMINEERS

                  MON 22 JUL @ 8PM

                  Denver, Colorado’s The Lumineers released their eponymous debut album through Nashville’s Dualtone in 2012. Read more

                  JAMES BLAKE

                  Supported by Special Guests

                  WED 24 JUL @ 8:00PM

                  A voice as recognisable for sonorous quality as it is for frequent reinvention, JAMES BLAKE returns to the Southern Hemisphere on the back of the strongest record of his career in Assume Form. Read more

                  JONATHAN HAIDT

                  THU 25 JUL @ 7PM

                  Think Inc. Read more

                  THE DOORS ALIVE

                  FRI 26 JUL @ 8PM

                  Direct from the UK, THE DOORS ALIVE are “The best Doors tribute band that I’ve seen… Read more

                  MONDO ROCK

                  SAT 3 AUG @ 7:30PM

                  Mondo Rock return with a rare run of Theatre shows on the 2019 Hits! Baby! Hits! Read more


                  SAT 10 AUG @ 8PM

                  After 2017’s hugely successful Animals Tour, which featured three, entire albums. Read more

                  STUDIO 54 presents The Greatest Hits of Disco

                  FRI 16 AUG @ 8PM

                  The flashy exuberance of the 1970s comes to life this August with STUDIO 54 presenting The Greatest Hits of Disco! Tickets $69

                  Read more

                  ABBEY ROAD

                  Supported by 50th Anniversary including Kram (SPIDERBAIT), Mark Wilson (JET), Davey Lane (YOU AM I) and Darren Middleton (POWDERFINGER)

                  TUE 20 AUG @ 8PM

                  In celebration of Abbey Road’s50th anniversary, some of Australia’s most respected musicians and members of iconic groups, collectively known as ARC — Kram (SPIDERBAIT), Mark Wilson (JET), Davey L Read more

                  MAREN MORRIS

                  THU 22 AUG @ 7:30PM

                  TEG Live proudly present GRAMMY Award-winning singer-songwriter Maren Morris in Australia this August on her GIRL: THE WORLD TOUR, with tickets to go on sale 10am Wednesday 23 January. Read more

                  JULIA MICHAELS

                  THU 5 SEP @ 8PM

                  We are excited to announce that American pop knockout and Grammy nominee Julia Michaels will be touching down in Australia for a Metro this September! Read more


                  FRI 13 SEP @ 8PM

                  The band described as ‘humanity’s most exhilarating dance party’ are bringing their incredible party-starting energ Read more

                  BIRDS OF TOKYO

                  SAT 21 SEP @ 7:30PM

                  It’s been nearly three years since Birds Of Tokyo did a full national tour but with their new track “Good Lord” riding high in the charts the band has finally announced a string of Read more

                  GINO DACAMPO

                  FRI 11 OCT @ 8PM

                  Gino D’Acampo is bringing his cheeky wit and exceptional cooking skills to Australia this October with Gino’s Aussie Escape. Read more

                  THE SISTERS OF MERCY

                  THU 31 OCT @ 8:15PM

                  It howls. It’s grindingly beautiful. It’s dangerously sentient. Read more

                  JON BELLION

                  FRI 8 NOV @ 8PM

                  Jon Bellion is a self-made man. Read more

                  80'S MANIA

                  Supported by Go West + Pseudo Echo + A Flock of Seagulls + The Cutting Crew + Wang Chung

                  SAT 16 NOV @ 8PM

                  Abstract Entertainment is proud to present five of the best 80s acts touring Down Under this November.

                  The Kings of Wishful Thinking will lead an awesome line up of 80s artists touring together in Read more


                  Supported by Carlie Hanson

                  SAT 23 NOV @ 7:30PM

                  SOLD OUT

                  Join Waitlist Read more


                  SAT 30 NOV @ 8PM

                  The Bohemian Rhapsody live in concert was originally just a one-off event, slated for April 2019 in Melbourne. Read more

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